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The Most crucial activity we have at Monroe Street is the time we spend in worship.  Without question, worship is central to our lives as a body of believers.  Our main focus is on the Lord when we gather, not on ourselves.  We join together to exalt Him, by lifting our voices in praise to the One who gave us life in all it's fullness.

Worship services at Monroe Street are not dry and dull exercises.  They're potent, meaningful and enlivened with straightforward messages from God's matchless Word.   We are eternally accountable to God in who we place our trust.  In reality when we meet to worship, He is the audience and we are the participants in giving praise to Him.


Monroe street takes its commitment to the building up of the body of Christ seriously.  This demands that we constantly recognize the tremendous diversity of gifts and abilities, and pertinent needs, within our family of faith.  Rather than expecting the members of our body to fit into a predetermined program, we tailor the ministry of the church to fit the needs of our living and growing church community.

The diverse ministries of Monroe Street offer growing believers the refreshment of mutual edification, just as a healthy body requires both challenge and refreshment.  Through dynamic small group interaction and programs geared to special segments of our fellowship, edification of the body of Christ is a vital part of the life of Monroe Street.


As Jesus met His disciples for forty days following His resurrection, He instructed them concerning the future of the kingdom -- a kingdom that they would continue to populate with new citizens.  Most remarkably, He told them in Acts 1:8 that to accomplish this ongoing task, He would five them the indwelling power of His Spirit so they would not have to rely on their own limited strength.

It is in this reliance of the power of God that Monroe Street presses ahead in its own role as salt and light in our community and culture, seeking to clearly speak the good news of the gospel at every appropriate opportunity.  And in the same way that the New Testament records the advance of the gospel to a variety of cultural and social situations, we at Monroe Street look for opportunities in our distinctly modern setting, through community outreach.  Thus, we see our mission as collectively and individually doing all we can to lead others to Christ.


Since our establishment in 19xx , Monroe Street has been committed to a ministry of excellence.  Week after week, this commitment is expressed in many ways.  You can see it in our Bible school teachers who have invested a year in training to become the best they can be.  Members of our congregation consistently reach out to share their faith with those  in need physically, emotionally and spiritually to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.  Most importantly, excellence is shown in the personal commitment to building solid relationships with one another.

Monroe Street is indeed, a place where you will find open doors, open hearts and an open determination to true excellence.  We are known as "the friendliest congregation in the city of Chicago."  we welcome you to visit our services and programs and to examine our wide range of ministries.  When you decide to become a part of this energetic family of believers, you will have made an excellent choice.


We believe there is no greater stewardship entrusted to us as a church than the responsibility of teaching God's eternal Word.  In our educational ministries at Monroe Street,  the Bible is more than a storybook or a textbook -- it is a Life Book.  Whether instructing youths or adults, our Christian education leadership uses methods and materials that will convey the Bible in a relevant and understandable style.

Our learning integrated Bible school program extends well beyond the classroom and encourages children toward Christ likeness in all their relationships with their peers.  The program provides a setting for students ranging from elementary school through college age to become prepared to make crucial life decisions.  By learning from a Biblical perspective, hopefully the students will not be negatively influenced by their peers.  Since they will be faced with pressure to conform to an artificial standard, its imperative that students have a firm understanding of what is expected of them.  The classes have given parents, couples, family members and professionals the tools they need to live victorious Christian lives every day of the week.

Most importantly, the process of Christian education at Monroe Street is committed to "expounding the Word of life" in a way that transforms students into teachers, disciples into disciples and seekers into guides.


While we live in this world, times of hardship and discouragement occasionally will catch up with us.  That is whey finding your place at Monroe street can -- and will --make a wonderful difference in your life.  Several generations have now passed through the doors of Monroe Street.  One recurring theme has been the comfort, the refuge and the Christ-centered encouragement that families and individuals have found here during times of hardship, loss and personal struggles.

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