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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We are having a Health Fair on Saturday, August 11th, 2012.  The theme is “Body, Spirit, and Soul Starting with our Youth”.  We invite you to come join us in this Christ filled occasion.  We are inviting churches from all over to bring their youths and come join us in this educational awareness to strengthen the body naturally, maintain a strong spirit in Jesus Christ, and be reminded of the final destination of the soul, whether good or bad.  Parents, let’s get ourselves educated to teach our youths about health.  The youths are especially reminded of the things they need to do to prepare for the future in a positive way.  All are reminded that there is a health epidemic in this country.  Today, cancer is now the number one killer where heart disease was in 2008.  Diabetes and autism is at an all time high.  Education is the key to protecting our bodies through good nutrition, with Faith in Jesus Christ, thus obtaining longevity and quality of human and spiritual life.

The agendas for this occasion are divided into 4 major categories:

Session I Registration and Lunch 10:30 1:00PM

Session II Body Health   1:00PM-2:15PM

Session III Spiritual Health 2:20PM-2:55PM

Session IV Soul Health 2:55PM-3:35PM

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